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The word beach itself evokes the memories of exotic sands with mesmerizingly gorgeous seas. You just be there, stroll around and a relaxed aura would seep into your nerves. Watching the undulating waves from the relaxed sands would give you a feeling that different worlds are coming into confluence, playing and teasing each other. You might discover your true self while playing in the sands; the truth nature has instilled in you which might have become blurred under several layers of corporate compulsions.

Maldives and Mauritius, the two of the gems in the Indian Ocean, have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and visit to these island nations would give some soothing experiences to your senses. We package our beach holidays in such a way that your visit to the beaches would remain just a relaxing memory and all the vexing problems of travelling are scooped out from your itinerary. So opt for your beach holiday packages from SOTC now and avail our ingenuity in creating a memorable beach holiday experience for you.