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Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt, a country seeped in history has a lot to offer to a tourist who wants to take himself to another era. Luxor, the city of open air museum and Alexandria, the ancient seat of learning are two of the most visited sites along with Cairo, the capital. Pyramids are considered synonymous with Egypt and the very name of the country evokes the images of the Great Sphinx, the lion bodied guard of pyramids. Visiting the pyramids on camel’s back is another exotic experience to have on Egypt holidays.

Nature, too, has showed her bigheartedness while showering gifts on the nation and the Nile river delta is among the most fertile in the world. The cruise on the river Nile draws a lot of tourists as floating on the blue waters of the river gives you an extraordinary experience. Though it has a lot of historical places, Egypt is among the most advanced country in Mediterranean region with all the modern amenities are available in the country. Book Egypt tour packages from SOTC now and see how our ingenuity would make it a memorable experience for you.