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Israel Tour Packages

If a single country can fulfill the wants of all kind of tourists, it is Israel. It has important religious sites for different religions, heritage structures, archaeological sites, serene beaches and other ecotourism activities. Among the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem attracts great many visitors as it is home to important sites of three major religions in the world. Safed is another city that attracts a number of tourists as it has many natural reserves and other archaeological places of importance. Masada, too, is among the most visited places in the country as it offers amazing view of the Dead Sea and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Keshet caves are other quite popular among hiking lovers and Israel National Trail is another landmark hikers have taken up quite enthusiastically. It is about 940 KM trail and takes a considerable time to cover. Israel holiday packages with SOTC are the suitable to fulfill all your needs whether you are a religious traveler or an adventure sport lover.