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Kenya Tour Packages

Think of holidays in Kenya, think Masai Mara. The unforgettable safari in the national reserve would make you think: Is the concrete jungle of the city worth living? The sighting of wide variety of big cats including lions, cheetahs and leopards roaming in the wild in itself is an experience of freedom. The migration of wildebeest to and from Masai Mara to Serengeti in Tanzania is one of the natural wonders of the world. There are a few other national parks also that must be included in the itinerary including Sibiloi National Park and Mount Kenya National Park. Watching the snowcapped mountains of Mount Kenya would be a mesmerizing experience.

There are beautiful beaches for adventure lovers also including Kilifi, Diani and Bamburi. Kenya is among the most advanced economies in African region and all the modern amenities are available here. Think of Kenya holidays with SOTC and you would experience ingenuity of our packages along with the surprises that nature bestows on us.