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Argentina Tour Packages

The most visited country in South America, Argentina presents a beautiful vista that lures visitors in hoards to visit the nation. It’s Iguazu Falls that attract the most adventure seekers as the people who love nature can’t miss the view of the majestic beauty. The subtropical jungle surrounding the falls is another way of nature to create a mottled view and presenting herself with different shades.

On the hills of the Andes is located another crystal beauty of Bariloche. The ski, trekking and mountaineering facilities in the area make it an ultimate destination of adventure lovers. Another wonder of nature is Los Alerces National Park that has trees as old as 3000 years old and many of them are more than a thousand years old. The park has a lot of beautiful lakes also to enhance the old charm of the trees. The Beagle Channel is another beauty that you must explore while being on Argentina holidays. Ushuaia, considered as the southernmost city in the world is another tourist heaven as Southern Sea presents a spectacular view to people here. Opt for holiday packages from SOTC and explore the warm Latin culture with a company that takes care of its guests with equal warmth.