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Peru Tour Package

Peru, popularly identified with Machu Picchu Inca trail, is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. The trail maintains its unspoiled path of Inca period and a trek on it would definitely transform your perspective towards history. The trail is considered as the must visit among adventure lovers.

Though the trail is the most popular among tourists, there are other equally beautiful avenues to explore while being on Peru holidays. Colca Canyon in the Andes Mountain range presents such beautiful vista that you can’t stop yourself thinking why it wasn’t popularized more than its less deep cousin the Grand Canyon. Iquitos, the city with its pristine beauty of the Amazon is sure to take you to another world. The city is unapproachable via road and boats and planes are the only means of travel. You can imagine what great care has been taken to keep the place at its exotic best. Book your Peru holiday packages with SOTC and see the kind of ingenuity we show in packaging it in such a way that even if are at some ancient surroundings, you are never devoid of all the essential modern amenities.