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Cambodia Tour Packages

Though Hinduism is predominant in India, the biggest Hindu temple Angkor Wat, is in Cambodia. A country with more than 90% population being Buddhist having the biggest Hindu temple itself says a lot about the diversity of the nation. Nature has also made the country a unique one and it is in Cambodia that you find the flow of Mekong River towards the Tonle Sap Lake and when the lake overflows the water comes into the Mekong. The reverse flow from the lake is celebrated as water festival every year in November.

Cambodia holidays would be incomplete without visiting Sihanoukville. The beaches there with white sands and warm water from the Gulf of Thailand make the visit a memorable one. There are other beautiful places in the country including Rattanakiri, Kampot and Kirirom besides the capital Phnom Penh. Book Cambodia holiday packages from SOTC and enhance your experience of visiting the nation manifold.