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Indonesia Tour Packages

The land of many islands, Indonesia is as diverse as any nation can be. With having the third largest coastline in the world, Indonesia has a lot to offer in terms of beaches and water related activities. While planning Indonesia holidays the foremost island that comes to mind is Bali. Close to Australia, the island attracts a lot of tourists from that nation and its serene beaches attract people from other developed nations as well. Predominantly a Hindu island, culturally it’s closer to India.

The Buddhist temple of Borobudur is among the most visited sites in the country and it shows the cultural diversity of the country which has the largest Muslim population in the world. Its national carrier ‘Garuda’ is named after a Hindu god. With more than seventeen thousand island and most of them are uninhabited, it’s a nation not only of cultural diversity but has diverse climate also. Book holidays in Indonesia from SOTC see our ingenuity in accommodating cultural to adventure travel in one package.