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Japan Tour Packages

Japan, a nation with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Sea of Japan and East China Sea on the other bound to have beautiful beaches. True to its geography it has serene beaches in aplenty and the best of them are in Okinawa Prefecture. Japan not only have natural wonders, Tokyo, a man made wonder is also there and holidays in Japan would be incomplete without visiting the city. The country also has well developed domestic transportation system and that makes the life of a tourist hassle free while being in Japan.

Though Japan is among advanced nations, it has never diverged from its historical roots. Todai-ji temple in Nara is a marvel of architecture in itself. It’s the largest wooden building in the world and is surrounded by wildlife in its pristine form. The other popular tourist destination includes Mount Fuji, about 30% visitors of which being foreigners. Jigokudani Monkey Park is another beautiful creation of nature with hot spring extruding amidst cold forest. Make Japan a must visit destination and opt for Japan tour packages from SOTC to avail our ingenuity in packaging to visit the most innovative nation.