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The paddy fields and men and women with their conical straw hats working there are the first images that come to mind when someone mentions the word Vietnam. Though there are vast tract of green fields in the country, there are other beautiful avenues to explore when you are on Vietnam holidays. There are untouched bays where you can ensconce yourself for no one to catch your glimpse, yet if you want yourself to be seen you are in the vicinity of the populace. There are numerous hiking and rock climbing opportunities in Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay and you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the serene lakes in Ba Be National Park.

The beautiful beaches and national parks close to the capital Hanoi attract great many visitors and there are several historical sites and cultural avenues to explore. Escape for holidays in Vietnam with SOTC and see our expertise in decorating the bouquet of modern amenities with exotic places in far flung areas of Vietnam.