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New Zealand Tour Packages

The term ‘New Zealand holidays’ itself evokes the images of pristine sea and unspoiled mountains. A country where you can never be more than 128 kilometers away from sea has a lot to offer for nature lovers. There are a number of options for adventurers in terms of nature reserves, too, and that include Tongariro National Park and Abel Tasman National Park. Being the only Polynesian group of islands that are not of volcanic origin New Zealand have snowcapped mountains only a few kilometers distance from a pristine beach.

Bungee jumping is considered as synonymous with New Zealand and every adventure lover must try the sport in his youth. Whale watching is another activity that is pulling a lot of tourists towards itself and Kaikoura is attracting a number of sperm whale watchers towards itself. New Zealand has a great many hiking and trekking paths to support such activities. Kayaking is another activity that attracts tourists a lot lately. Book your holidays in New Zealand with SOTC and enrich your experience of visiting the country.