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Norway Holidays

Land anywhere for holidays in Norway and you have a picturesque view in place. Geirangerfjord region has such beautiful scenery all around that the mention of one name would be an injustice to others. The Arctic Circle with its spectacular Northern Lights is a nature’s show you can’t ignore. The arcs of lights with their blue tinge create such effect that all the man made shows would fade into obscurity in comparison. Lillehammer is another gorgeous location that offers a lot of snow related activities like skating and sleigh rides.

The Alpine region of Jotunheimen has some beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers and glaciers that you would never be short of exploring something new. It’s not only mountains and glaciers that you would encounter in Norway as the country has extensive coastline of North Atlantic Ocean and Barents Sea, too. Go for Norway holidays with SOTC now and see what nature has in store for you on the land where the Sun is there even at midnight in some areas.