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Slovenia Packages

Slovenia, the land of mountains with rivers and lakes in aplenty, is sure to be a traveler’s paradise. A walk to the castle at the capital Ljubljana is itself an experience that will linger on in your mind for the lifetime. Bled is another beautiful town that will evoke the memories of real you as it has facilities in aplenty to hike, cycle and to canoe. The view of the lake with its mountainous background presents such a stunning vista that you would want the time to come to a halt so that you can enjoy the beauty for eternity. For adventure lovers a visit to Skocjan Caves is a must as it would introduce you to the surprises that nature has in store.

Think of Skiing in Slovenia, think of Vogel. The place has facilities for beginners as well as for experienced ones and is a bit unspoiled one. Soca Valley is another scenic surrounding where you just need to soak in the beauty. Just forget all the complexities of life and be with nature; it would be a rewarding experience. Go now for Slovenia holidays with SOTC and see our innovative ways to take you closer to the real you.