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Vatican City Packages

Though the smallest nation in the world, Vatican City has so many tourist attractions that you would not give even a thought to the area it contains. A country whose earnings primarily depend on sale of memorabilia to tourists certainly has a lot to offer to everyone. It’s the centre of Catholic religion but even if you belong to any other faith, you can’t stop appreciating the architectural marvels the nation offers.

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful structures the city has and its beauty manifests the opulence that has been showered while constructing it. Sistine Chapel is another beautiful creation you must see. It has the masterpieces of Michael Angelo and other geniuses and it would change your perspective towards the work of art. St. Peter’s Square is something that would make an indelible impression on your mind as the majestic space when filled to capacity makes a religious man proud of his faith. Explore the smallest nation with SOTC and see how we plan your Vatican City tour so that you not only visit the place but learn from it, too.