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Trinidad & Tobago Tour Package

Groove to the music of Calypso, come to Trinidad and Tobago. The liveliness of the nation can be measured with the fact that it is here that the music styles like Calypso, Chutney and Soca can trace their origin. Being an island nation it is endowed with plenty of beautiful beaches and Maracas Bay is among the most beautiful one in Trinidad. Visiting the beach with golden sand would be a mesmerizing experience. Pigeon Point in Tobago is another must not miss beauty among beaches.

The island nation is a paradise for bird lovers, too. Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad is known for scarlet ibis and watching them from a boat is an experience you can’t miss. Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge is another must visit for bird lovers. Though Main Ridge Forest Reserve in Tobago has a lot of birds and animals to watch, you should visit it without any preconceived image in mind. Just stroll and explore nature, you will have an exhilarating experience. Opt for Trinidad and Tobago tour packages from SOTC and see how we amalgamate the vibrant sights with serene surroundings.