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Bhutan Tour Packages

When the tranquil surroundings sooth your senses, being in the state of perpetual happiness is not a daydream. Bhutan is considered among the happiest nations in the world and the Himalayan kingdom has numerous reasons for that. With various monasteries ensconced in calm confines, you are directly in touch with your inner soul, the real you. The scenic beauty of the monasteries like Tongsa, Taktsang, Tango and Chery will enthrall you to the core and still you remain as calm as ever.

Bhutan holiday packages are not meant to take you just a few places and take you back. The country expects you to observe the beauty from close quarters. You need to abandon all the existential trivialities and let freedom rule you. Go for Bhutan tour packages now with SOTC and feel our understanding in providing you ample opportunities to explore the inner self in Bhutan.