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Uttarakhand Tour Packages

Uttarakhand, the northern section and colder than the rest. The state is full of hill stations and wherever you are the scenic surroundings would not leave you. Nainital with her beautiful lakes is one of the most enticing hill stations in India. There is Dehradoon as well, known for its famed educational institutions and also the seat of the government. Nearby there is Mussoorie, one of the most picturesque places on earth. Go further north and Pithoragarh, Chamoli, Ghadwal, Sri Nagar would transform you to another world. For a few months from July to October another enticing adventure is there to lure you; the valley of flowers. Flowers bloom during these months on their own and just being with them would be meditation in adventure parlance.

Places of religious significance are in aplenty in the state and be it Kedarnath, Badrinath,Gangotri, Yamunotri, Hardwar or Rishikesh, religion combines itself with adventure tourism. Rishikesh where the River Ganga comes into plains is among the most important religious places for Hindus and walking on Lakshman Jhoola with the Ganga flowing beneath is itself is a spiritual experience. Come to Uttarakhand with SOTC as your friend and immerse yourself in spiritual stream.