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Weekend Getaways

Nature has created two sides of us; one side is there that caters to our physical needs while other side is the aesthetic one. Maintaining the right balance between the two is of utmost importance to live life at its fullest. In her grand scheme of things, she has earmarked certain days for particular chores; the weekends are there to serve the aesthetic side of you. Pay heed to what she wants to say and explore the beautiful weekend getaways in the vicinity of your city. On return, you will look at things with a new perspective and have the impetus to perform even better for the week ahead.

Your life is not there just to spend in a cubicle, the fragrance of the verdant surroundings are there to sooth your senses. Walking in the hills with cottony clouds giving you company is such an ethereal experience that inadvertently you would start creating poetry, even if the poetic side of you was dormant since long time. Standing close to waterfalls with the little drops touching your face seem as if nature is winnowing to give you the purest few. Walking on the beaches would make you think of the tides touching the shore and bringing in a part of some faraway places. They give you the message of love; nature’s love. Just soak in the beauty of weekend getaways of India and your creativity during the whole week will touch a new high.

When you work hard during the week, planning your weekend trip and taking care of all the travel hassles seem daunting tasks. Bring SOTC on board and leave all the planning in professional hands. You just relax and pamper your senses with pristine sands or misty hills. Your joy of the travel would be even better with our caring hands.