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East India Tour Package

India, with her magnificent beauty, opens different scenic vistas for you to explore. You go to any part of the country and you would find a different India waiting for you. East India holiday destinations have their own charm and exploring them as weekend getaways would give you ample time to soak in the beauty in your senses. You cherish the memories as aftertaste till you go for the next place to visit in east India.

Darjeeling, the scenic breather of Kolkata, has such quaint charm in it that you would want yourself to be ensconced in the scenic surroundings and get rid of all the so called modern gadgets. Watching the sunsets and sunrise from the hills would transform you to another more pure world and you would meet your real self at the place. Gangtok is another venue that the explorer in you would love to be at. There are a lot of trekking opportunities in the vicinity and the best part about the city is that the locals would love to help you in anything you need. You would be at one of the most welcoming places on earth. Puri, the abode of the creator of the world, is one of the jewels of the eastern part of India and along with the religious significance, the scenic surroundings would also entice you to visit the place. The Sundarbans forest, one of the wonders of the world, is a different world altogether. You are exploring the forest on boat while the majestic Bengal Tigers would be roaming in the forest showcasing their beauty.

The weekend getaways of east India are so enticing that your spirit would grow in leaps and bounds at the thought of exploring them. It's a sensible decision to take a caring partner along. With SOTC you are in safe and caring hands while exploring the eastern part of India.