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Puri Tour Package

When spirituality confluences with beautiful surroundings, they take your soul to a new path; the path of enlightenment. Lord Jagannath, the creator of the universe has chosen his own abode with care and the moment you land at Puri, you will feel the spiritual force oozing out of every corner of the city. The moments of pleasure you have on the beaches have their own significance as only a happy journey would lead you to an enlightening destination.

Puri tourism is identified with the temple of Lord Jagannath and when you visit the majestic premises of the temple you would see the amount of fierce concentration involved in the creation of the intricate carvings of the structure. The craftsmanship is also a spiritual experience. The annual Jagannath Rath Yatra attracts a lot of visitors to the city. If you are going there around July, you would have the experience of looking at the majestic annual celebration from close quarters. When the chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshana move on, the mighty force would make you bow in reverence. Think of including the view of the yatra in your Puri tour packages.

There are other beautiful places to visit in Puri including Balighai beach and Baleshwar beach. When you look at the sun at Baleshwar beach either at dawn or dusk you will feel as if your spirit has lit up inside you and your own self will have a new meaning after the visit. The beach is less crowded and you would see newly-wed couples embarking on their journey of togetherness with the visit to this pristine place. The Shiva temple at the beach is also quite popular and has its own spiritual significance. For adventurous souls some water sports are also available there but even if you are not interested in sports, sunbathing and swimming are something everyone can enjoy at the beach. Balighai is another beach that you must explore while opting for your Puri tour package. The beach with white sands is yet to be exploited commercially in a big way and you can enjoy the calm surroundings with less people in sight.

Puri, the eastern jewel of India is calling you and it’s time you pay hid to the welcoming gesture. We at SOTC are ready to make your journey a happy and memorable one.