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Sundarban Tour Package

Nothing particular to look, no destined destination to go, just roaming in the Sundarbans and soaking in all pervading beauty is the experience your real self would crave for. Being one of the biggest mangrove forests in the world, the Sundarbans is home to wide variety of amphibian and aquatic reptiles and other animals. The Royal Bengal Tiger, the proudest symbol of the Sundarbans also roams with his free spirit in the forest. He invites you to Sundarbans tours to see his abode.

There are four hundred of the majestic beasts roaming in the forest and you can see them while being on the boat. The sightings are more frequent from November to February. They have developed the characteristics to swim in the saline waters and Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ is in display here. There are other big cats also in the forest including leopards and fishing cats. Sundarbans tourism would expose you to the real experience of wildlife.

When the dappled rays of the sun caresses you on your boat while roaming the waters of the Gangetic Delta, you would feel as if some spiritual force is trying to connect with you. You can also see the natural wonder when the river meets the sea; it is only a few places where you can see saltwater crocodiles in the country. Gangetic Dolphins or ‘Sons’ as they called in that part of India also have their home in the Sundarbans and you must insist on visiting that area while opting for Sundarbans tour packages. The area is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its uniqueness and for its biodiversity. The flora and fauna of the area is recognized the world over for its rich variations.

If such treasure is so close to Kolkata, not exploring it would be injustice to nature. Just pack your bag and express your love for this wonder from nature. You will feel enlightened on return. As for all the troubles that may occur while going on the Sundarbans tour, SOTC is there to care for you.