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Amritsar Tour Package

The chants of 'Omkar Satnam' from the 'Golden Temple' have such ethereal reverberations that it would meet your spiritual chord whether you are close or at some faraway place from Amritsar. If the chants can bring in so much purity in your soul, imagine being at the temple; you will be witnessing one of the most heavenly experiences of your life. Amritsar invites you to be close to your real self; you at your purest best.

The 'Golden Temple' or 'Harmandir Sahib' is the place where god resides and literally so; you will feel His presence the moment you step in the premises. The entrances to the temple from all directions symbolize that the temple is open to people from all faiths and you would really come across people from different faiths praying there. You eat at the 'Langar' there and that food would seem like ambrosia coming directly from heaven. The 'Sarovar' or the lake at the premises would make you feel as if 'Amrit' or nectar is really flowing there. You just accumulate as much nectar as you want.

Though the ‘Golden Temple’ is the main attraction while taking Amritsar tour packages, there are other important places to visit in Amritsar. A visit to Jallianwala Bagh is among the most important things to do in Amritsar. It would remind you the kind of sacrifices our ancestors have made to give us the free India we live in. Bullet holes are still there on the walls the memorial and the visit would remind you your duty towards your country. Just a few kilometres away from the city is 'Wagah' border with Pakistan. The ceremony while lowering of the flags at the border attract a lot of tourists as it shows the real grandeur of a military function.

To understand the core of real India: the sacrifices, the spirituality; a visit to Amritsar is a must. Go for Amritsar tourism now and you will return with your heart full of joy. As for taking care of the travel hassles, SOTC is there at every step of the way. You will be in caring hands.