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Haridwar Tour Package

When the river Ganga descends from the godly mountains, she chooses Haridwar to spread her spiritual aura as she knows she would feel gods' presence at the place. She announces her arrival from a distance as you can hear her roar from afar. Even other goddesses decide to reside at Haridwar and look at the Ganga from above; they love the way the holy river comes onto plains. Her sprightly gestures when she embraces the plains remind you of the joy you get when you embark on a new journey.

'Har Ki Pauri' is the place that pulls the greatest number of tourists and pilgrims to Haridwar. It literally means the step of god and the place would really make you feel as if you are closer to god. Just be at god’s feet and He would bestow His blessings on you without any discrimination. The Ganga flows there with her full force and chains are there for you to hold while taking a dip in the holy river. 'Ganga-Arti' at Har Ki Pauri has special significance and when you are on Haridwar tour, you make sure that you attend the 'Arti' there. It is not only spiritually enlightening but will appeal to your aesthetic sense as well.

There are several other important places to visit in Haridwar and 'Mansa Devi' temple is one of the most important one to be included on your Haridwar tour. Ropeway is available to go up to the temple as it is situated on higher elevation. Adventurous souls can walk also to the temple. One of the aspect you would love about Haridwar tourism is when you look down from the temple premises and see clouds scudding below, it would just give you joyous feeling. There are several other important places of worship that should be a part of Haridwar tours including Shantikunj, Bharat Mata Mandir and Pawan Dham.

A place with so much of natural beauty and such religious and spiritual significance is so close to the national capital and still remain unexplored is an injustice to the spirit in you. Embark on the journey now with SOTC as your companion and your happiness quotient will increase manifold.