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Nainital Tour Package

When the city itself is named after a lake, you can visualize how beautiful the place would be. It seems the mountain range of the Himalayas, too, have reserved the best view for Nainital as when you look at the mountain range from the city, it seems the beauty comes with enhanced features. It's inviting, it's Nainital.

Occupying the centre, Naini Lake not only gives the town its name, the activities of the town are also centered towards the pristine lake. You must include boating in the lake in your Nainital tour package as it would take you to an era when being amidst nature was more important than the so called developed surroundings. The Mall on the bank of the lake is one of the important places to visit in Nainital and the buzzing life there would corroborate the view. You can also trek towards Naina Peak as the view from there gives so beautiful glimpse of the city that you would love to soak in that beauty as long as you can.

Sattal, as the name suggests, is a congregation of seven lakes and must be an integral part of Nainital tourism. It is one of a few groups of lakes that are still in their pristine form and the thick forest of pine of oak trees surrounding lakes add their own charm to the beauty Sattal. Other important tourist spots that should be a part of Nainital tour packages include Tiffin Top, Nanda Devi temple, Snow View Point, BhimTal, Guano Hills, High Altitude Zoo and Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary.

There is something; there are great many things that make Nainital the favoured destination for travelers. With SOTC as your companion, your Nainital tour, too, would become one of the happiest tours of your life.