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South India Tour Package

Verdant valleys and serene shorelines come together to form the pristine southern part of India and wherever you go you can find some beautiful weekend getaways waiting to enthrall you. The indigenous architecture, too, finds its true manifestations in south India and you can see plenty of places where the intricate craftsmanship is on display in the palaces and temples. Trekkers and other adventure lovers, too, find their perfect weekend getaways in south India.

Mysore, the majestic abode of the maharajas, is the one place that would transform you to the era when royalty was there to patronize art and give a new dimension to the kingdom. The opulence of the royalty is on display in its palaces and you would be in awe of the place on your visit. Ooty is another must explore destination in south India as you would find nature in her pristine form at the hill station and boating in the lake there would be such relaxing experience that you would find yourself rejuvenated to take any challenge in your working week. Pondicherry is the one place that represents the diversity of India in the best way. The architectural style would make you think whether you are in India or France and at the same time you can have the spiritual experience at Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Tirupati, one of the most renowned pilgrim places in the world for Hindus, is among the must visit places in south India as you would have a religious experience of different kind at the place. Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is another must explore destination in south India.

With the variety of places to visit in south India, you need to have a companion who understands which location would take how much time and plan your holiday in accordance with that. SOTC is there to serve you and plan your trip to south India holiday destinations in a perfect way. Come with us and enjoy the trip.