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Pondicherry Tour Package

France inspires the world when it comes to art and architecture. A place the French had colonized for so long bound to have French style of architecture at its forefront. Some of the areas would make you think whether you are in India or France. Come to Pondicherry, experience France. Spirituality, too, attracts people towards the state as Sri Aurobindo chose this place to spread his message of peace and spirituality.

Founded in 1926, Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the most famous landmark in the city and is the mainstay of Pondicherry tourism. The ashram has 'Samadhi' of Sri Aurobindo and also of the Mother. Craft centre and the library at the ashram are among the most important places to visit in Pondicherry and you can also explore cafeteria there. One of the interesting things to do in Pondicherry is taking a stroll on the promenade at the sea front. You would be experiencing such serenity of senses that you won't realize how long you walked. There are some restaurants also nearby that serve authentic French cuisine and other kinds of food also.

Less crowded beaches are one of the features you would love about Pondicherry. No hustle-bustle of people; just you and the serene surroundings. Serenity Beach is one such place that represents the spirit of Pondicherry with quietness and you can spend your moments of contemplation there. Paradise Beach is another such attraction that you must explore. There are other places in Pondicherry and nearby areas that you can explore including Auroville, Pondicherry Museum, Botanical Garden, Chunnambar Boat House and Ousteri Lake.

Tranquility is what we look for in life and when a place so close to Chennai offers that in abundance, it's prudent decision to explore the place. Opt for Pondicherry tour packages with SOTC now and experience the quaint charm of the city.