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Yercaud Tour Package

Yercaud, the name itself evokes the images of lush green surroundings with the adornment of the beautiful lake. When you see the cottony clouds floating next to you, you would feel as if the heaven is right there for you to enjoy. Cut yourself from all the so called modern gadgets and soak in the greenery of the idyllic world while being at Yercaud; your creativity would touch a new high.

Yercaud Lake is the most prominent destination to visit in the city and when you are at the water body, tranquility would inadvertently take over you. The stunning views at both sides of the lake while boating would make you think of the aesthetic ingenuity of nature. You can also relish the taste of variety of cuisines available at the lake. Loop Road is another destination that must be included among the things to do in Yercaud. It's a thirty-two kilometres stretch that would introduce you to the life at coffee and tea plantations. You can enjoy the aroma of coffee while walking and see the life flourishing in the quaint surroundings.

Pagoda Point is the one destination in the vicinity that must be among the places to visit in Yercaud. Nature has bestowed all her bounties at this place and whether you want to contemplate something or just want to sit incommunicado, you are at the perfect destination. The other beautiful places to be included in your Yercaud itinerary are Lady's Seat, Botanical Garden, Kiliyur Falls, Karadiyur Viewpoint, Anna Park and Deer Park.

Your Yercaud tour packages should be planned in a way that no travel hassle would come in the way of your joy of being in the pristine world. Take SOTC on board and your Yercaud tourism experience would be among the most memorable and joyous one.