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Alibaug Tour Package

When the vast expanse of sea carves out pristine beaches for you to look at her beauty at close quarters; you just go with it. Sea water washing your feet and making you listen to the music of nature. Tidal waves do say something; something you could understand only when you are in love with nature. When you can stand at one place for hours and still feel blessed to look at the view; you are in love. Love for calm surroundings and for pristine purity.

Alibag tourism evokes the images of unspoiled beaches with palm fronds swaying to welcome you. When you look at the number of beaches with so much purity, you won't be able to stop the joy of being there. Alibaug beach, one of the most well known among all the beaches of the region, has the darkest of sands and purest of surroundings. You would be mesmerized by its beauty and can also enjoy the view of Kolaba Fort from the beach. Kihim beach, the beautiful one, is the perfect gateway to introduce you to the joy of being close to sea still ensconced amidst the lush green surroundings. You can also explore some beautiful wild flowers and a variety of local and migratory birds. Water sports facilities are also available on many beaches in Alibag and you can opt for them while taking your Alibag tour packages. The other beaches that should be a part of your Alibag packages include Nagaon beach, Akshi beach and Varsoli beach. Alibag has been an important part of Maratha history and you can see many forts of importance in the area including Kolaba fort, Undheri fort and Murud Janjira fort. Beaches are certainly the prime attraction at Alibag but you would love to look at the forest also as it is home to one of the most beautiful one. Kankeshwar forest has great many wildlife species and you should include it in your Alibag package.

So beautiful a place and so close to Mumbai is a lure you won’t be able to ignore. Pay heed to your senses and go to Alibag. As for planning your itinerary and organizing the trip, SOTC is there for you.