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Daman Tour Package

The roseate glow of the sun on the beach paradise of Daman looks as if nature is celebrating the festival of colours with her own hue. Play your part in the joyous celebrations and she would bestow a joyous life for you. Daman is the place where Gujarat comes to celebrate its life. Located on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, this union territory opens a new vista for those looking to bring cheer to their lives. Weekend in Daman restores their confidence to take the challenges for the week ahead.

Among the most famous beaches, Jampore beach is the one you must include in your Daman packages. Though nature creates her own beauty for the beach, human ingenuity have added extra tinge of fun to the beach as it has a lot of activities for a visitor to indulge in. To appeal to the adventurous in you, there are activities like quad biking, horse riding and camel riding also available at the beach. You can also enjoy variety of foods available there. Another beach that you must include in the list of places to visit in Daman is Devka beach. The beach has an amusement park also and has attraction of musical fountain, too. Though the beach is not considered suitable for swimming because of uneven surface, the eating joints there are known to serve amazing sea food. It is considered paradise for food connoisseurs. The old fort at Moti Daman is an attraction that must be there in your itinerary of things to do in Daman. The fort is surrounded by a moat and has many attractions inside. You can go for Hilsa Aquarium and Governor's Palace in the fort. Nani Daman is another attraction that would lure you towards Daman. It has many attractions including the fort and churches.

When such beautiful sea heaven, so close to Mumbai, lures you with her various colours, your inner self would long to go there. Just respond to the real you and head for Daman tourism now. Beautiful beaches are waiting for you.