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Mahabaleshwar Tour Package

One of the most beautiful places in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar can boast of everything a hill station needs. You have the gorgeous view of the mountains of the Western Ghats and ample numbers of lakes and rivers to work as the adornment for the mountains. When the place is beautiful, gods, too, tend to choose the place as their abode; you can find numerous temples and holy places at Mahabaleshwar. Strawberry cultivation adds another charm to the beauty of the place as it is home to almost eighty-five percent of the fruit production in India.

One of the most important places to visit in Mahabaleshwar is Panchganga Temple as it is the origin place of seven important rivers that make lives thrive in large parts of India. The rivers Koyna, Savitri, Saraswati, Krishna, Gayatri, Venna and Bhagirathi can trace their origin there and visiting the place has the semblance of spiritual experience. You can also visit Krishnabai temple nearby where the river Krishna flows through a 'Gomukh'. Venna Lake is the one attraction that lures a lot of tourists towards itself. Surrounded by trees from all sides, the lake presents such stunning vista from the boat that you never realize how time elapses. Horse riding facilities are also available nearby the lake. You must include a visit to the lake in your Mahabaleshwar packages. Another place that should be a part of your Mahabaleshwar package is Pratapgad Fort. It was Shivaji Maharaj who built the fort and it played important part in the history of Maratha kingdom.

There are some important points that you must include in your Mahabaleshwar tour packages and they include Wilson Point, Sunset Point, Arthur's Seat, Kate’s Point and Elephant Point. You can also visit 'hree Monkey Point' that is named after the three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi. Lingmala Waterfalls should also be part of your itinerary as you would be witness to such a majestic view that you would just look at that and forget everything else in the world.

When mountains call you, it has reverberations of spiritual voice; you just go with it. Mahabaleshwar calls you in the lap of nature to sooth you; to make you relaxed. Just pack your bags and head for Mahabaleshwar. SOTC is there to make your trip a smooth affair.