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Matheran Tour Package

The cottony clouds are floating below you and you are watching them from above in different shapes and sizes: you would be watching one of the most sublime gifts of nature. That’s the way Matheran introduces itself to the visitor on the way from Neral. Nature has created all things beautiful for Matheran and human ingenuity also added its value to it by banning all kinds of motor vehicles inside Matheran. Just walk or move on the horse back to explore one of the most beautiful places close to Mumbai.

When you enter the area, you don't look for particular places to visit in Matheran, the whole area is so full of beautiful views that you would be bewildered to decide which one to keep in your memory and which one to forget. Matheran is a delight for trekkers and you can find a lot of them on the way from Neral to various other places. Though the toy train has stopped operation for a while, it was one of the prime attractions in the area. When you reach Matheran you just roam around and nature herself would find a way for you to give you joy. There are several points that present gorgeous view of the valleys below and some of them are Alexander Point, Hart Point, Echo Point, Louisa Point, King George Point, One Tree Hill Point, Garbut Point, Lookout Point, Panorama Point, Sunset Point, Khandala Point and Monkey Point. You must make it a point to include these points in your Matheran packages. There are some other places that add a tinge of different colour to your Matheran tourism and they include Charlotte Lake, Panthers Caves and Pisharnath Temple. Even when you don’t look for some particular destination, just walking amidst pristine surroundings would be a treat to your senses.

Nature always plays the role of a catalyst to creativity and probably for this reason she planned Mumbai as a creative hub and Matheran as a catalyst in her grand scheme of things. Give a chance to your creative catalyst and head for Matheran. SOTC is there to care for you on your Matheran tour.